Baker Memorial United Methodist Church

St. Charles, Illinois

Located in the heart of St. Charles, Illinois, just west of the Fox River, Baker Memorial United Methodist Church was completed in 1954. The Gothic-style structure was a gift from Col. Edward J. Baker in memory of his parents.

Work Included

  • Complete removal and installation of the soft metals (copper)
  • Removal of reinstallation of portions of the slate roof in order to replace the copper elements


The church contracted with another company to do the repair, but they were not experienced in the type of work needed and reached out to Renaissance to handle the restoration of the 'soft metals' (copper) which were damaged by a hailstorm.

The primary roofing material is a Buckingham type slate that is incredibly resilient, with a life expectancy of 150(+) years and was not damaged.

With all the soft metals (copper) damaged (custom copper gutters, downspouts, roof flashings, custom vents, standing seam panels, and flat-lock roof panels) the challenge was restoring all the above-mentioned copper components while preserving the existing slate with minimally invasive techniques.


Renaissance's years of experience with slate roofs and copper elements enabled us to perform the required work within the limited budget that had been approved by the insurance company based on the original contractor's estimate.

Using that experience, we were able to modify our typical staging and setup to accomplish the required repairs/soft metal restoration to our standards of quality within the budget provided.


Renaissance Roofing was able to preserve the historic integrity of the complete roof system by restoring all soft metals/copper components to their original specifications, while protecting the integrity of the existing Buckingham slate resulting in a historically correct roof system that will continue to shed water effectively for decades to come.