We’ve Restored Over 1,000 Historical Roofing Systems

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As an historical roofing system nears the end of its long lifecycle (upwards of 100 years for a clay tile or slate roof), inevitable deterioration can cause damage to wood, plaster, paint, masonry, and interior furnishings. Swift action is necessary to protect and preserve both your roof and your entire home.

At Renaissance, we restore both the appearance and the physical integrity of the roofing system back to its original condition. Leveraging our decades of historical roofing experience, our vast network of historical roofing materials, and our masonry, carpentry, and architectural sheet metal capabilities, we can restore the most intricate and distinctive of historical roofing systems. Since 1992, our team has worked to develop the systems and methodologies to restore your historical roof to perform for another 100 years.


For centuries, ceramic tile roofs have sheltered buildings around the world, making them the choice of the most discerning owners and architects.

The most prominent city homes, country estates, Carnegie libraries, universities, courthouses, and churches are protected by terra cotta roof tiles.


We work with every type of clay tile, including:

  • Clay French tile
  • Clay interlocking tile
  • Clay pan and cover tile
  • Clay shingle tile
  • Clay Spanish tile
  • Clay trim
  • Unique and rare clay patterns

Renaissance Roofing is dedicated to historical roofing systems. Since 1992 our team has developed the systems and methodologies to restore your tile roof to perform for another century.

Let our Historical Building Specialist help you determine if your clay tile roof requires repair or is in need of a complete restoration with our Magellan Roof Assessment.


Slate roofs have protected the castles and cathedrals of Europe for centuries. Roofing slate is carefully quarried from the ground and is still produced much the same way it was 500 years ago.

Having worked on thousands of slate roofs across the United States, Renaissance has rediscovered the proper installation methods employed by craftsmen centuries ago, recreating these techniques for your natural slate roof.

To facilitate timely and visually pleasing slate roof repairs, we carry a large inventory of Vermont Slate, Buckingham Slate, and Pennsylvania Slate.



Metal Roofing has been a long lasting roofing material that has been used effectively since the 19th century to cover the grandest mansions, churches, government buildings and homes across the United States.

Many metal roofing materials carry a life expectancy over 100 years.


Given such a long life expectancy, metal roofing has become increasingly popular as a replacement to asphalt shingles.

Timely inspections and maintenance of metal roofs are essential to avoid corrosion, fatigue, and puncturing of the metal roof.

Renaissance Roofing Inc. has learned the various techniques to install and repair multiple varieties of metal roofing systems across the United States.


  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • Tin

Copper Roofing

Copper roofs have been used effectively since the 19th century to protect the grandest mansions, churches, government buildings, and homes across the United States. Copper roofs carry a life expectancy over 100 years. Given such a long life expectancy, copper roofing has become increasingly popular as a replacement for asphalt shingles, although it is important to remember that timely inspections and maintenance of copper roofs are essential to avoid corrosion, fatigue, and puncturing of the metal roof.

Renaissance has unique capabilities in copper roofing for courthouses, clock towers, bell towers, steeples, and more. We work with all types of copper roof seams, including batten seam copper roofs, standing seam copper roofs, and flat seam copper roofs.



Concrete roofing tile is similar to clay tile and slate when it comes to durability and lifespan. If installed with the correct knowledge and techniques, the tile can last a lifetime.

Concrete tile also comes in many different colors, sizes, and styles to help fit the specific design and structure of your home. Another significant advantage for concrete tile is that it is cheaper than clay tile or slate.

However, concrete tile does weigh more per square foot than many other roofing materials and significantly more than asphalt or cedar. A proper roof assessment is required to determine if the structure of your home can withstand the weight of a concrete tile roofing system.



Cedar and other wood shingles have been a popular roofing material throughout the United States during all periods of our building history. Wood shingles have evolved over the past few centuries, but they still endure as one of the most fashionable and appealing roofing materials. With proper installation and maintenance, wood shingles have an average life expectancy of over 100 years.

We have expertise with all types of wood roofs, including steam-bent cedar, cedar shingles, cedar shakes, cottage roofs, and fairytale roofs.



It does not have a century-long life expectancy like clay tile or slate, but it can last over 60 years. These characteristics helped aid the spread of asbestos shingles across the United States until the rise of asphalt shingles.

Due to health concerns and regulations, roofing companies can no longer install asbestos shingles. After many years, asbestos shingles become brittle and even the slip of a hammer can crack the face of the shingle. If a roofing company lacks experience, an attempted repair can result in more damage, or even the necessity of a full replacement. Let our knowledge and expertise with asbestos help you in determining the best course of action with your asbestos roof.



Asbestos shingles became popular in the early 20th century due to four unique characteristics of asbestos:

  • Asbestos, for the most part, was cheaper compared to slate and clay tile.
  • Asbestos proved to be fireproof.
  • Asbestos was lighter than clay tile and slate, which made it easier to transport and install.
  • Asbestos was highly durable.

No matter what kind of historical roof you have, Renaissance has the knowledge and expertise to repair or restore your roof. Plus, with our masonry, carpentry, and architectural sheet metal skills and our network of historical building materials, we’re the only ones you’ll need to call to get the whole job done.