private residence (DH)

Rockford, IL

The homeowner originally contacted Renaissance in 2018 to perform masonry work on their chimney and then in 2019, they reached out for a partial cedar shake roof replacement.

Work Included

  • Partial replacement of the cedar shake shingle roof including the ridge shingles.
  • Replacement of valley metal.
  • Replacement of chimney saddle.
  • Replacement of copper chimney flashings, copper wall flashings, copper counter-flashings, and plumbing stack flashings.


Due to the fact this was a partial restoration, it was necessary to remove and replace portions of the vertical lap siding on the dormers in order to install the new wall flashings.


In addition to replacing a portion of the cedar shake roof and ridge shingles, Renaissance also replaced the copper chimney saddle and chimney flashings, valley metal, wall flashings, counter-flashings, roof vents, plumbing stack flashings.

The work also included replacement of any deteriorated wood roof decking as well as installation of new ice and water shield underlayment where needed prior to installation of the shingles.


After the partial restoration, the homeowners will now have the security of knowing their home and its posessions are safe from the outside elements of Northern Illinois.