First Presbyterian Church

Boise, ID

The First Presbyterian Church was formed in 1878 and the original part of the existing structure was dedicated in 1894. Over the years additions have been added for a new sanctuary, a new fellowship hall and new education space.

Work included

  • Abatement of asbestos roof and installation of new Ludowici LudoSlate interlocking clay tile roof
  • Complete restoration of parapet wall copings, including removal and resetting of all copings
  • Installation of new stainless steel pins and flashings
  • Partial brick wythe restoration
  • Carpentry repairs
  • Fabrication and installation of Copper Gutters
  • Fabrication and installation of Copper Downspouts


Originally contacted for a consultation on the condition of the roof because of several leaks, Renaissance traveled from Illinois to Idaho to perform a detailed inspection of the roof and roofing system.


What was found is that the roof was comprised of different types of asbestos and asphalt roofing shingles and that many flashings, that are standard today, weren't present. The masonry along the parapet walls was in poor condition and the joints on the precast coping stones was failing.


Renaissance coordinated the asbestos abatement process with a licensed, local abatement company to abate the existing roofing systems from both the sanctuary and educational building.

After the abatement was completed, all decking systems were inspected and repaired as needed, and the existing copper flashings, copper gutters and downspouts were removed and disposed of. New ice and watershield was installed at the first 3' of eaves, in the valleys, along the parapet walls and all roof penetrations, and underlayment was installed on the remaining exposed roof surfaces.

The precast coping stones were carefully removed and stored for reinstallation after the parapet walls were rebuilt to match the existing dimensions and configurations.

New 20 oz. copper valley metal, parapet flashings, pocket flashings and gutter apron along all eaves were installed prior to installation of a new Ludowici Ludoslate clay tile roofing system.

Renaissance also furnished and installed a new matching custom 20 oz. copper guttering system as well as 20 oz. copper downspouts matching the original size and locations.


Working through the COVID-19 outbreak and the unusually extreme heat of the summer of 2021, Renaissance was able to restore the church roof and repair the masonry issues, enabling the congregation to continue to worship for another century.