private residence

belvidere, il

Client installed a new photovoltaic solar system at the same time they installed a complete new cedar shake roof.

Work Included

  • Complete restoration
  • Roofing
  • Carpentry
  • Gutters
  • Lead Coated Copper
  • Wood


Integrating the solar panel system with a cedar roof is a challenge. Cedar roofs perform best when they are not shaded, so installing solar panels on the cedar would cause the cedar to deteriorate (rot) faster than they should, causing problem in the future.


To ensure the roofing system lasts as long as possible, a membrane roofing system was installed under the solar panels. To improve the look of the systems, the membrane was installed so that it was hidden from view. The cedar shakes were installed over a batten and counter batten system that allows for increased air

circulation under the shakes. This extends the life of the shakes and reduces the heat gain in the attic space of the house. This new batten system will keep the attic space to a temperature only a few degrees warmer than outside, drastically improving the summer-time cooling performance of the house.


The client's electric bill is nearly zero dollars, the attic is much cooler in the summer and the roof and solar system looks amazing.