Private Residence (SM)

Evanston, IL

Storm damage prompted these homeowners to contact renaissance, a company experienced in the restoration of historic homes.

Work Included

  • Complete restoration of the natural slate roofing
  • replacement of copper chimney flashings, copper wall flashings, copper counter-flashings, and plumbing stack flashings
  • masonry repair of the chimney
  • carpentry repair
  • Replacements of copper gutters and downspouts



Severe damage, caused by hailstorm in April 2020, the homeowners contacted Renaissance to inspect the damage and determine a solution.



This private residence required a full restoration of the steep-slope roof which included Vermont Unfading Gray/Green Slate over the main house and detached garage, new copper flashings, new copper ridge metal, new copper air vents, and new copper ledge metal on dormers.


Work also included new copper flat seam fully soldered panels on all low-slope roof areas along with new copper flashings at all walls, a new copper gutter and downspout system as well as masonry work on the chimneys on the house and garage.


The slate and copper roofing experience of the Renaissance team was a great fit for this project and was enhanced by the knowledge and training of their sheet metal shop and masons.