Private Residence (TH)

Ottawa, IL

Renaissance was initially contacted by the insurance company's representative to take part in the assessment of the damage, determining the appropriate scope of work, and presenting the insurance company with a fair market value of the claim loss.

The homeowner was impressed with our knowledge and experience with these roof systems, felt we were a good fit for his project and reached out to us to discuss contracting with Renaissance to perform the work.

Work Included

  • Complete restoration due to storm damage
  • clay tile and tin roofs
  • carpentry
  • gutter work
  • copper
  • clay tile


Due to the age of the home and the complexity of it's design, the scope of work required more than simply removing the existing tile and installing new.

The large, oversized built in gutter framing sustained significant damage over the years from failing sheet metal liners that required substantial rebuilding. Modifications to the gutter liner detail was required to ensure their life expectancy matched that of the new clay tile (100 yrs).

Additional damage to the lower porch tin roof's built in gutters, not included in the storm damage claim, required a resolution that would fit within the homeowner's budget. A resolution to repair the extensive carpentry damage along with the complete replacement of the gutter liners that did not require the complete replacement of the connecting tin roof panels was expected.



The homeowner wanted to work with one contractor that had the skilled workforce capable of addressing the clay tile, sheet metal, and carpentry components of the project and felt confident in Renaissance's ability to achieve these requirements.

utilizing a standard bare clay color tile and simplified "direct to deck" installation method in place of custom color match tile and installing tile on batten system, funds were freed up to offset a portion of the costs associated with repairing the significant carpentry damage not included in the claim.

Additionally, a specialized roof coating was applied to the lower porch tin roofs to protect and extend their life as well as matching the color of the new clay tile, providing the homeowner an aesthetically pleasing complete roof system that will effectively shed water for the foreseeable future.


Renaissance Historic Exteriors provided an aesthetically beautiful, architurally accurate clay tile roof system that will continue to protect the historic Queen Ann style farmhouse for decades to come.