St. Anthony of Padua Parish

Effingham, IL

Working with the Archdiocese of Springfield and Paul Wheeler of FWAI Architects Inc, Renaissance was contracted by St. Anthony of Padua Parish for a complete slate roof restoration as well as restoration of several copper systems.

Work included

  • Complete restoration
  • roofing
  • architectural sheet metal
  • material: copper


Maintaining the historical aspects of the church during the restoration was key to the Archdiocese. Renaissance had the experience needed for this project.


The restoration included installation of 14,000 squares of new Spanish black slate, complete restoration of the existing copper steeple, copper finial and copper cross, to match the original detail, and restoration of the existing inlaid copper gutter system.

Restoration of the original interlocking copper panel steeple roof and decorative elements, including finial and cross, was completed using historically accureate installation techniques.

Investigation of the previously, revamped, exterior hung gutter system revealed the original architecturally detailed inlaid gutter system.  Renaissance performed a full restoration of the original inlaid gutter system utilizing original design and installation methods.

Custom fabricated stainless-steel elements were fabricated and installed to protect various existing masonry features. Additional extensive masonry restoration work was completed including rebuilding of decorative components.


The result of the restoration will enable the parish to continue worshipping in their church for years to come. Renaissance received a glowing letter of recommenation for their expertise, professionalism, respect, courtesy and commitment.