Wyoming State Capitol

Cheyenne, WY

The Wyoming State Capitol Building, designed by the firm David W. Gibbs & Company, began construction in 1886 by Adam Feick & Brothers and was completed in 1888.  Two small wings on the east and west were completed in 1890 and the House and Senate chambers were completed in 1917. 

Work Included

  • Complete restoration
  • roofing
  • carpentry
  • architectural sheet metal
  • copper
  • metal


In 2014 the Wyoming legislature authorized the Capitol Square Project which included the restoration of the Capitol dome and Renaissance was contracted by J.E. Dunn Construction to restore the many sheet metal components of the capitol building.

The entire sheet metal envelope on the drum, dome and cupola required restoration to address punctures, tears, dents, failed seams, corrosion, paint coating failure, significant water leakage, and many missing and loose architectural sheet metal elements. The damage from numerous hailstorms, relentless wind, and 130 years of life in the harsh Wyoming conditions necessitated replacement. Originally the dome was covered in bare copper, then in 1900 the process of gilding the dome started. The dome has been re-gilded several times during its service prior to the restoration effort.


All sheet metal elements of the dome, lantern and finial were carefully deconstructed so that the original designs could be duplicated for replacement. Elements of the drum were either repaired in-place or replaced with new custom fabricated copper units. All copper assemblies were crafted from sheet copper manufactured by Revere Copper and hand-made by Renaissance in Belvidere, Illinois before being shipped to Cheyenne for installation.

Beneath the copper systems, Grace Ultra underlayments were installed over repairs and structural improvements that were designed to advance the longevity of the completed system.  All copper roofing and copper architectural elements were then installed and readied for either gilding or coatings.

The gold leaf, manufactured in Italy by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, was installed by The Gilders' Studio on the dome’s inset roof panels and on the finial. The remaining copper components were coated to the historical color scheme.


Restoration of the building was completed in time for a July 10th celebration of the Capitol Square Project which included tours, live performances and other activities.

Renaissance has been nominated for the 2021 North American Copper in Architecture Award for its work on the Wyoming State Capitol.